I am located in New York City so if you would like a custom quilt made from your old jeans or treasured textiles you will need to ship to me. If you are in the NYC metro area, drop off or pick up is possible. Or I can use my own fabrics. Either way, email patwig63@gmail and we’ll talk. If needed I use the service Shyp to deliver to you.

Timing depends on your project, which is unique.  Of the quilts pictured below, one took little more than a week and one took three months.  It also takes longer when there is a queue.

Pricing varies according to

fabric preparation (washing, cutting, ironing, stabilizing)

materials required (stabilizer, thread, cotton batting)


As of early 2016, my ball park pricing is:

Smaller  (baby quilts, throws, wall hanging) —  $100-450 USD

Larger  (twin, queen, king standard size ranges) — $450 USD and up.

Here are samples of recent work:


Twin, Memory Quilt, scarves


Baby quilt, my fabrics


Queen, client’s old jeans


Wall Hanging, my fabrics

Twin, Memory Quilt

Twin, Memory Quilt, men’s dress shirts

The layers are sewn together, turned inside out, then press it out with an iron a final time

Queen, Memory Quilt, neckties and scarves


Pillow to match Queen Memory Quilt from neckties and scarves

The piece measures 86” by 95.” Happily, Tom and Todd love how it came out.   I do, too. And I’d be happy to take another commission as soon as the power comes back on here in lower Manhattan.

Queen, mostly my fabrics

But I think they ended up as a pretty strong team

Pillows to match King topper


King topper, Memory Quilt, neckties

I made a backing from the remainder of the bedskirt and a twin sheet that had been purchased for my brother-in-law's college dorm but was never opened (Sears' Best).  Fill is cotton batting I purchased new from the City Quilter.

Queen, my fabrics, client’s curtain remnants