It has occurred to me time and again over the last many months that I haven’t posted anything quilty since before I put up that “most inspiring blogger” patch (thanks again Tall Tales!).

These pics are mostly for my followers, who signed up, I presume, because they wanted to see more of my creative process.  Thank you for following me!  Here are  some quick pics of what I’ve been doing since the last peep.  I’m not sure which one to write about yet.  Why don’t you let me know which one you’d like to see and read more about?  Please comment here or email me at  And Happy Summer!

Playing with remnants from clothes

Playing with clothing remnants.  Click for a closer look.

Flowers made by melting edges of poly scarves over a candle

Flowers made by melting edges of poly scarves over a candle flame.  The client wanted flowers, so after googling, I adapted a burning method.  Do NOT try this at home!

playing again with clothing remnants, this time the unfolded hems, side seams and waistlines from jeans

More play with clothing remnants, here the unfolded hems and side seams from jeans

My latest commission which took about 3 months to make

My latest commission took about 3 months to make, from scarves, a skirt and curtains.