Sometimes lovely things seem to appear from nowhere … as this weekend, when I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by a fellow quilter, Tall Tales From Chiconia.  Thank you for your kind words Tall Tales!


Apparently once one receives this honor, there are things you must do, in addition to simply being inspiring in the blogosphere.  It’s a little bit like all those copy and paste status thingys people put on Facebook.  Well, I’ll play, ’cause I get to display this cool award sticker.

First, you nominate other blogs that inspire you!  This is the spreading the love part.  Herewith, in no particular order  ….

Andrea Feucht

Traveling Academy


Vicky Myers Creations

Andrea Works … And Writes, And Runs

Improvised Life

Start Making Sense

Things Organized Neatly


Crazy Mom Quilts

Sarah the Gardener

The Cool Cat Blog

Neenah Paper

The Full Circles Blog

And the other thing is to list 7 interesting things about yourself.  Herewith, though I’m not sure how interesting it is …

1.  I like to chop wood

2.  As an adult, I have had 12 feline companions

3.  I pick up pennies on the sidewalk

4.  I fell in love with brussell sprouts in my 40s

5.  My favorite movie is Room With a View

6.  I like looking for worms in old leaf piles

7.   If my first child had been a girl, I would have named him Celia