So last weekend while holiday visiting my mother-in-law, I brought along the Forest Swatch and samples of the fabrics I’d matched with it.  I laid these out in her bedroom so she could respond to them and we could talk a little more about what she wanted. She particularly liked the gold/chartreuse fabric in this picture.

She repeated her desire that the quilt “pick up the green” from the curtains, so I am adding more greens.  The green pieces in the pic above are woven napkins she gave me from her brother’s house after he died.  Pressed and still tied in yarn/thread, I don’t think these had ever been used (since she passed them to me years ago, they’ve just been sitting in a cabinet).  I washed and dried them and pressed them out again.  They match the Forest Swatch nicely.  She had also given me leftover upholstery fabric from her dining room curtains, which seem to blend nicely, too.  Click on the pic for a close-up of my guide: the Forest Swatch.

From top of pile: the Forest Swatch, dining room curtains swatch, never-used woven napkins, new hand-dyed fabric gifted to me.

I think some reds are needed to compliment the greens and the gold, so I proceeded to cut up or “strip the carcass” of the clothing I got last week at the Salvation Army.   I cut along the seams, plackets, collars, zippers and cuffs until they drop away from the solid fabric.  Most of this I discard, but I keep the collars, plackets, cuffs, and buttons.  I have a project in mind for the plackets, collars and cuffs (which may be a future feature here) and an old milk bottle on hand to collect buttons.

For now though, I’m going to put this project aside.  You see, I was in the middle of a project when “My First Commission” came along.  In my  fabric “stash” (a quilter term for non-quilting readers) I have accumulated a lot of blues.  Perhaps they are overrepresented because I scavenge fabrics and favor men’s dress shirts, among which blue is a common color.  Or maybe I just like blue.  Anyway, I wanted to use up some blues and play with squares, so I have been making this:

I am close to halfway through this.  I have 42 “nine patch” squares, which I am in the process of surrounding with blue squares.  The blues create a border to highlight the nine-patch colors while creating a pattern with the light and dark of the blues.  Fun, huh?  I do like this and want to finish it before turning my attention to My First Commission (MFC).  So next post you’ll see the process of finishing a quilt top, then, assuming I can knock it out in a week, what you do with the quilt top once it’s finished.